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Careers in Operating Services

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As part of Barwon Health’s Operating Services expansion, we will be opening refurbished theatres in Building B (formerly Geelong Private Hospital) to provide greater access to surgery for our community. The expansion will also provide the wider community opportunities for employment and growth.

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Grow with us as we increase our operating services. Join Barwon Health during this exciting expansion and make a difference in our community.

We will be recruiting to a number of roles to expand our Operating Services. Please click on the job links below to find out more information and to apply for roles with us.

Administration and Support Services roles

Margaret Borgelt
Margaret Borgelt
Admin – Receptionist/Bookings Clerk

“The most rewarding experience working in my role is being able to help others and interacting with patients and their families, colleagues and medical staff. Working for Surgical Services has improved my skillset as I have been given more responsibility and have had to adapt to the ever-changing working environment. In particular, I believe my time management, flexibility, attention to detail, resilience and problem solving abilities have all been developed and improved over my time at Barwon Health. As Barwon Health is Victoria’s largest regional health care provider with 23 sites in and around Geelong, there are more opportunities for staff to work in various areas between the locations. My manager, other staff members and patients value the importance of the work I do by providing me with acknowledgment and recognition for my contributions. I feel valued when others around me notice the time and efforts I have put into a task and show appreciation for the good work I do and my contributions to the department.

Nursing roles

Emily Cannard

Emily Cannard
Anaesthetics Recovery ANUM/Clinical Nurse Specialist GVC

“I have thrived with the support of Barwon Health. Within 12 months I was given the opportunity to step into a preceptorship role to mentor undergraduates, grads and our grad specialist. I developed a real passion for education and this led onto my role as the clinical support nurse of the main operating theatre and Gretta Volum Centre (GVC). Since stepping up into a leadership role as an ANUM of GVC, there is never a day without a challenge that drives my passion for providing safe and quality services to our patients. Barwon Health is very community focused and driven which I think is important in a town like Geelong. We are becoming bigger, our growing population becoming more complex and Barwon Health has a real focus on the future as well as the present.”

Fran Den Dyer
Fran den Dryver
EEN Admissions Discharges and Scrub Scout Pilot Program

“I started my career at Barwon Health in 1994 – 27 years ago – as an enrolled nurse. Barwon health has continued to support my career development over the years of my employment, including my medication endorsements and my recent undertaking of the EEN pilot program – a program enabling enrolled nurses to upskill into the role of scrub/scout nurse. This program has been a highly rewarding experience and a highlight of my career. The role has involved learning a new range of skills which has been challenging, however, being supported by the clinical nurse specialist team and clinical nurse educator has been invaluable during this time. I have loved working closely with theatre staff, the surgeons and proceduralist.”

Stephanie Tan
Stephanie Tan
Clinical Nurse Specialist Scrub/Scout GVC

“As an international nurse, the transition to working in a different country was challenging, but the support I received from Barwon Health was tremendous. The positive environment helped me settle in and feel that I belonged within the unit which I believe makes Barwon Health different from other organisations. They have also made me feel valued and important by honouring my roster request and flexible working arrangement. As a working mum, it is important for me to achieve work-life balance and be able to contribute to the workforce without sacrificing being a mother. Barwon Health has enabled me to do both. My career development has also been supported by providing me with study leave and academic leave, which enabled me to take advantage of the in-services and lectures provided by the organisation. When I did my post-graduate certificate, the encouragement and support that I received from the NUM and ANUMs was monumental in helping me achieve my career milestone. My most rewarding experience at Barwon Health would have to be the opportunity to mentor student nurses, graduate nurses and junior nurses and see them flourish into confident and full-fledged nurses.”

Technician roles

Peter Climpsom

Peter Climpson
Theatre Technician

“In 2016 the opportunity to start a new career presented itself to me. I commenced a position with G-Force which meant I could do a theatre tech course with Barwon Health. I was supported with constant training and in-service days throughout the year to keep me up-to-date with new equipment and any practices involving theatre. Knowing that I am a part of a team helping people to have a better quality of life has been the most rewarding experience being part of the Surgical Services unit. Being at University Hospital Geelong, a big part of the staff service is helping people learn their chosen profession whilst also providing and servicing the greater community. I feel appreciated and a valued member of the team when people ask for my advice on certain matters concerning surgical services.

What we can offer you

At Barwon Health we harness a diverse and inclusive workforce and offer fantastic staff benefits. Some of these include:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Professional development opportunities including access to over 32 organisational curriculum offerings around awareness of self, communication, relationships and results
  • Experienced clinical educators and mentors 
  • Access to employee wellness facility
  • Salary packaging
  • Social club
  • Study days
  • Accrued days off (one per month for full time employees) 

Last Modified: Monday, 12 April 2021

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